I'm Monroe Payne, and I'm glad you stopped by.


Before I completely introduce myself, I should tell you what my job is, and that is to make you look awesome in every respect. Your web site and photos are the first thing your potential client sees - that all important "first impression" that you have no second chance to re-do.


My Dad was a photographer and I began to learn the craft at his feet some 56 years ago. Working as a pro since 1996, I've worked in every imaginable situation from the normal portraits, events, product photography and real estate photos, to recording new technology in an operating room while the operation was in progress, to sports photography on a 50' boom. Being able to accept and cope with unusual situations and still come up with extraordinary images is my challenge and passion.


Speaking of extraordinary images, over the last several years I have used the inspiration of Michael Timmons, Michael Barton, Helen Yancy and many other artists to turn photos into works of art. The images begin as photographs, and using an array of plugins, applications and Corel Painter, I digitally modify the image, and distill it to a feeling or an emotion. Visit my artwork site, www,monroephoto.art to see some of my creations.


If, on the other hand, you want some of my artistic images on notebooks, phone cases or a wild variety of products, then monroe-payne.pixels.com might fill the bill. All the products are price-competitive and guaranteed to delight.


As a commercial writer, I create press releases, web copy, sales copy and stories - your stories - in a conversational and persuasive style that encourages your viewer to take the next step to becoming a client.

As a travel writer, I introduce readers to places that they might be close to, but have never visited. Living in the middle of the Finger Lakes wine country and being a motorcycle enthusiast, my wife and I tour to some of the most picturesque and tasty locations in the Northeast.

For more information on my writing, click HERE.


Words and pictures - Pictures and words. The order is not important, as long as you have both created professionally by someone who has your best interests at heart.


I look forward to hearing from you very soon!