Rafael Bitanga(non-registered)
I met Monroe while he was driving for Uber. He handed me one of his business cards and they are gorgeous. Words is not enough to describe...
Sam Basile(non-registered)
I have had the pleasure of seeing Monroe's work for a number of years and have always been impressed, He graciously accepted to be the photographer for my daughters wedding. It did not deter him and his wife that the reception was a masquerade event as they came dressed for it. The results are amazing, the photos were better than I could have imagined they would be. The technique and the finesse that he used while taking the pics was fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and gladly recommend his expertise to everyone.
Jim & Rita Carmony(non-registered)
Monroe is a complete professional in a very home style way. In 2014, I wanted a family remembrance group picture. We explained what we wanted our family photograph to depict and look like. We chose our colors of what all family members HAD to ware. Mom was very adamant about that! Monroe was great , we were on Seneca Lake in a beautiful cottage so nature and the beauty of the area and the lake was on our side. He was patient and seemed to have everyone's attention. The pictures were so nice and told our story so well. We had a hard time choosing, but after much decision by us and then framing by him they now grace our family room wall. Believe me, they are admired every day. In addition, as a gift to each family, we had Monroe put together a picture book of all of our pictures. A Beautiful book of memories. We were so pleased with the talent of Monroe, we asked him to come back again last year-2017. Same order, same requests - different color outfits!. He recently designed Graduation invitations for our grandchildren and he has designed our family Christmas cards in 2014 and 2017 from the pictures taken during those presentations. WE hope to see him in 2020.
Christine Marchell(non-registered)
Beautiful work and a wonderful website!
Ray Snyder(non-registered)
You've accomplished what us amateurs can only hope for!
Kona Whitney(non-registered)
Simply Beautiful!
Great pictures.
Bob Brantner(non-registered)
Good job, I like it--Great Pictures Monroe!
Sharon Eddy(non-registered)
Looking good! I wish you great success!
Tony McLeod(non-registered)
Hey, Monroe
Very Nice Website. I hope it gets people calling you! Best Regards, Tony
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