A few words from clients of Monroe Payne Photography:


I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful engagement photos. You made the whole entire process so easy and fun for us. Our sitting locations were perfect. Ed and really enjoyed working with you and will come back to you again in the future, especially as our family grows. We look forward to working with you again and will tell our family and friends about how wonderful you are to work with. Again THANKS! 

Susan Pelkey and Ed Evans
What a wonderful experience! Our daughter completely enjoyed having her senior pictures taken, fun from beginning to end!  Not your typical point and shoot photos, Monroe really took the time to find out who she was...goofy to serious, and everything in between! So many great pictures to choose from! Thank you Monroe Payne Photography for great photos we will cherish!
Sherry White
Monroe Payne was an absolute delight to work with!  He made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera.  This allowed him to capture our true expressions so our pictures look authentic, not posed.  We had a great evening shooting our engagement photos and are so happy we had them done with Monroe.  I highly recommend him to anyone!
Stephanie Schotthofer Bisek
"I used to dislike family photographs. They have always seemed to me like witnessing the life in its frozen form presented as "perfect" looks, proper attires and formal postures....
Well, working with Monroe is nothing like that!
 My husband came from business meeting, the kids and me had been picking apples whole morning and we gathered to have photo session within the flow of our day: Damyan's pants were torn from climbing apple trees, Gvozden's formal look, my unstyled hair, Zoya's sweet smile with braces on her teeth...Monroe masterfully captured life in its most spontaneous flow with beauty, grace and lots of lots of fun. Thank you Monroe!"  
Suzana Jeloveki, Slaterville, NY
If you ever need a portrait done, don't go to Sears or Penney’s,  Monroe at Ithaca Stock Photo can capture the essence of a person, not the standard run of the mill ordinary shots but images that reflect who that person is, he's phenomenal. I highly recommend his amazing talent.
Jan Aguirre
This week I was sitting with a client who shared with me a wonderful testimonial about your work and my photo. She said:
"I was talking to Monroe Payne last week and I said, did you take that picture of Ravi Walsh that he has on his website? Monroe smiled and said yes. I said, "thank you for capturing all of who Ravi really is in that picture. It is incredible."
 Thanks Monroe.
 Ravindra Walsh
Monroe and I did a photo shoot to try out a new lighting technique and it was lots of fun! He captured many different sides of me, all which I was happy to have other people see. It's easy to see in his work that Monroe aims to capture the heart of the moment and the truest selves of his clients. I highly recommend him!
Ariana Blossom
 “Monroe is a modern day Rembrandt; his fine art photography skills are exquisite. He tempers his depth of photography talent with providing practical services to small business owners like me. He has the industry experience needed for all venues needing photography and has always been a real delight to work with. Also, my family displays the series of family portraits he created for us in their homes with great joy. I can't say enough about the marvel of working with Monroe, a true professional artisan. Don't hesitate to contact him for all of your professional imaging needs; you will be very happy you did!” 
 Camilo Nascimento
“I have dealt with Monroe while he has judged photographs at the NY state fair for 4-H. I find his abilities excellent and his grasp of the artistic and technical aspects of photography extremely impressive. I have seen his own work when he was instructing a group of 4-Her's and was very pleased with his talent.”
Sam Basile
“A keen eye and a passionate heart are the attributes I want in a photographer; Monroe has both. The enthusiasm and fun he brings to his work help to create a very positive and productive atmosphere for everyone. Where he really shines is through is his finished product. Monroe produces some of the finest photographic images I have seen. Anyone with a digital camera can take photograph; however, if you want someone to create lasting and meaningful images, Monroe is your man!” 
 Jamie Ferris, CIC, AAI, CPIA
“I have hired Monroe on several occasions to produce very professional virtual tours for homes I've had for sale. One in particular sold because the out-of-town party saw the tour on-line. Monroe is creative, honest and reliable. A winning combination.”
Jolene Rightmyer
“Monroe and his assistant met us at Treman State Park in NY for a family photo session. It was fantastic! They were there early and set up before we arrived. Monroe was very fun and friendly, but also professional and efficient. We were done in about 20 minutes, which is a very good thing with two teenage boys. The finished photos are wonderful. Also, all of his work and the final products (i.e., frames) were very reasonably priced. I highly recommend Monroe and his company to anyone. ~
David W. Feeney II, Esq.” 
 “Monroe is more than a passing business acquaintance, he is a true friend. I think most people can say that about him after one meeting. He has that kind of demeanor. That is what makes him successful in his photography business.”
Dana NordlundNovember 23, 2010 
“Monroe did a great job on the two very different weddings of two daughters. He did a great job of capturing the essence of each event with wonderful results. Highly recommended.” November 23, 2010
David Zimet
“My family and I were interested in having a family portrait done but wanted natural, spontaneous poses. Monroe spent a good deal of time getting to know us and what made us tick, before having us come together for the pictures. The results were out of this world, we all look so genuinely happy and real. We were thrilled with Monroe's personal touch. He's also a fun person to be around and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience with him!”  
Jeanne Vallely
 “I hired Monroe Payne to take pictures of awardees for the National 4-H Agents Conference in 2009. Monroe gave us an excellent product for a reasonable price. All award recipients were treated as very special people. He took the time to get the perfect shot and all photos were of outstanding quality. All awardees were happy with their results. Folks who wanted an additional photo could purchase one directly from him. He was quick with the turn around and I think we had photos within a week of our event. I would highly recommend him!” 
 Carol Ward
“You will never meet a more caring person who wants to make sure you love the end result. I can almost guarantee you will make a new friend for life. Cheers & Regards” 
Gabriel Landowski
“Monroe took my head shot and did a great job, even re-shooting at no charge when I wasn't happy with the first sitting. The results you can see in my profile! Thanks, Monroe.” May 13, 2009
 Mary Bouchard
Melissa Miller
 “I have worked with Monroe for our Virtual home tours for RE/MAX In Motion's, and our sellers property web presence. Monroe is excellent to work with. He takes care of the client and his pictures are clear, clean, and bright. He makes our homes easy to market. Call him today he does more than homes.
Melissa Miller” December 15, 2009
“If you want proof of Monroe’s' superlative work go to edgeofthyme.com and click on virtual tour. VOILA.
Eva Mae Musgrave” February 4, 2009 
 “Monroe is an outstanding community member. He's works successfully with both youth and adults. He is personable, responsible, congenial, and overall someone to be depended upon. Monroe sees where there is a need and does what he can to make the necessary pieces come into place so that that need is met in a positive and very useful manner. My personal experience with Monroe is that of someone utilizing his marvelous photography skills to help youth 'make the best better'. His willingness to give of his time and talents to listen and offer constructive criticism in such a way that the message is informative, and something that moves a person to action rather than avoidance, is outstanding. His efforts in his work with 4-H youth exhibiting in photography, has resulted in increased participation and level of exhibition skill. We're seeing more youth chose to participate thanks to Monroe's insight and skills in redesigning exhibition criteria as well as creating a niche for the unique and creative photo possibilities that originate in youth minds. Monroe has done much more than had ever been asked of him, all to benefit the good of others. He gives freely and openly to be of help to adults and youth. His sense of giving to others is above and beyond the everyday ordinary.” 
JoAnne Baldini
 “Monroe Payne is one of my favorite people. He is a wonderful mix of friend, businessman, humorist, advisor, and supporter. I met him several years ago at a workshop of the Professional Photographers' Society of New York State. Since that time I have come to know him as a man of passion and integrity, in his professional and his personal life. I am pleased to call my friend and recommend him highly for any function which requires dedication, integrity, commitment... and a smile.”
Kelvin Ringold, November 15, 2009
“Monroe is professional and fun and his photographs are one of a kind! I would recommend Monroe to all my friends, family and acquaintances. Thank you, Monroe for allowing us to remember wonderful memories thru the beauty of your photos.
Michelle Weathers” January 21, 2009
“In short, Monroe took what has been an unpleasant experience for me--getting my picture taken--and made it fun. I was very impressed with the quick turn-around time and multiple options offered. I continue to be impressed with his wit, ingenuity, and great overall personality. Thanks Monroe!”
Bob Brantner, November 17, 2010
“Professional methods, and nothing less than an artist for composition. I endorse his work heartily.”
Michael Reilly, December 26, 2008
“Monroe has the greatest of qualities for what he does, passion. He loves what he does, which makes him very good at it. He will not be satisfied until his clients are delighted with what he has done for them. I have seen his work many times, and continue to be astounded at his eye. For he captures more than images through his lens, he captures life.”
Jamie Ferris, December 26, 2008
“Our experiences with Monroe have been great, and we're thrilled with the first round of results.”
Sarah Provan, December 29, 2008
“Monroe is a truly wonderful photographer. I hired him for my wedding and now have beautiful pictures that I will treasure for a lifetime. He is friendly and makes you feel at ease while being completely professional and has an artists eye for placement and detail. I also hired him for a corporate function and was just as pleased with his structural shots and services as I was with the photographs from my wedding. If you want great pictures from a true professional Monroe Payne is the person to see.” 
Emily Richards, December 26, 2008
“Monroe is that unusual combination of talent, professionalism, character and technical expertise that makes him a joy to work with. Highly recommended!” 
Richard Owlett, December 27, 2008
“Monroe's deep commitment to quality and the integrity of his work is what makes the final product so special. Photography is not just a career for Monroe it is his passion. It is because of this passion that I would highly recommend Monroe for all of your photography needs. You don't just end up with a photograph, you end up with a memory.” 
Mary Stazi, December 29, 2008
“Monroe did a beautiful job and my bride loved him!” (Monroe hired as a second photographer)
Rachel Gracie, December 26, 2008
“Monroe is committed to providing excellent work which exceeds his customers’ expectations. He will go that extra mile to be sure you are really happy with your results! Monroe took photographs at my office for use on our updated website and in other advertising media. I highly recommend him!” 
Dr. Marcia Zax, December 26, 2008
“I had the pleasure of using the Payne Family Photographers at my wedding in 2006. They were professional, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. They were always in the thick of things, getting that perfect angle, but never in the way. So many pictures were taken from unorthodox angles or with just the perfect lighting or other nuance that put a signature look and feel to them. They became part of the family that day, and we can’t wait to ask them to capture our next important day. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to capture a special occasion or event. After all, you only get one chance to capture each moment.”
David Rosenthal, December 27, 2008
“Monroe is a friendly and trustworthy man who provides a great product and great service to me and our industry. I would highly recommend Monroe and his company for any of your photographic needs. His virtual tour of my listing was stupendous and at a reasonable price.” 
Shari Schmidt, December 26, 2008
“Monroe was fantastic! He was not only personable, and produced excellent pictures, but he was also very creative/helpful with picture poses and knew exactly what we were looking for. My boyfriend and I were from out of the area and he made us feel so welcome. I feel like I knew Monroe my whole life! He made the whole experience amazing! My boyfriend and I are looking forward to using Monroe again in the future!” 
Alicia Henry, December 29, 2008
"I have known Monroe for several years now. I first met him when we were both Delegates (which we still are) at the Professional Photographers Society of New York State. In all my dealings with Monroe, he has proved to be conscientious, professional, extremely competent and very, very easy to work with. It's great working with people who "get it" and... Monroe is one of the best. I recommend him highly and give him five stars.” 
Christopher Moore, Owner, Chris Moore Media - Photography (business partner)January 26, 2010
“As an extremely skillful professional photographer, Monroe Payne treats each of his clients as unique and special. I believe that what makes his photos so memorable is his ability to capture the essence of his subjects, not merely their outward appearance. Monroe is a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to collaborating on future projects with him. I highly recommend Monroe and Payne Family Photography to LinkedIn viewers.” 
Susan Henninger, April 24, 2009
"Monroe is an extraordinary photographer. I have seen many moving examples of his photography over the past few years. It is obvious that he enjoys capturing the essence of the person which sets him apart from the many photographers who would rather be shooting landscapes. He literally captures hopes, dreams, humor, tenderness and joy in his photographs. He gets five stars from me for excellence.” 
Lucia Tyler Ph.D., CEO, Tyler Admissions Consulting (business partner), March 23, 2009
“I wanted a photographer who could make us comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. This is what I expected from Monroe, of Monroe Payne Photography. Monroe Payne is a very personable, fun-loving man who loves people. This comes out in his work. He is willing to go just about anywhere for a location shoot. He takes all the time you need, and is willing to try your ideas also. He likes to allow the subjects to pose naturally with little instruction, in order to capture the real person, not the stiffly posed person. He tends to snap pictures when he believes the timing is right; which is usually when you least expect it! The end result? Portraits that capture what your heart had hoped to keep when you first decided to find a photographer.”
Dr. Ellen Matuszak, March 11, 2009
“Monroe is a wonderful photographer. He recently photographed my family and I in a wonderful park setting. My wife and I have 5 children ages 7-17, so this is not an easy task to capture all of us with that picture moment, yet Monroe was able to do just that. He makes the session a fun experience for all and is able to capture some out of the ordinary shots that not just any photographer would find. The results are wonderful.”
Ken Mulligan, April 1, 2009
"Getting a business portrait that says what I want to say is not an easy thing to do. My portrait needs to portray someone who is approachable, friendly, trustworthy, yet is professional, learned and absolutely competent. I retained IthacaStock.com for this service, and was delighted by the process, their personable nature and professionalism, and of course, the final product which is now on my web page. 
These people know what they are doing and will serve you well - and you might even have a good time in the process!"
Kathy Nelson, www.knelsonresearch.com
"I have used Monroe Payne and IthacaStock.com for several different projects. Their willingness to go above and beyond in order to be sure that the final image is exactly what I need is what separates them from the other photo studios. In projects from landscapes, to architecture photos, to portraits and even product photography, the results are all of great quality. 
He guarantees that his clients will be delighted, not just satisfied. He proved to me that those are not just words - it is his and his company's guiding philosophy."
Julia Reich  www.juliareichdesign.com
"Monroe Payne Photography is my photographer of choice and my best source of images for my clients. On a recent project, Monroe provided the head portrait, gorgeous illustrative images for the client's web page, and personal service far above and beyond my already high expectations - and at a very reasonable cost. 
I can recommend IthacaStock.com and their professional staff without reservation."
Camilo Nascimento, www.camilographics.com
We would highly recommend Monroe Payne for any of your photography needs. Monroe is friendly, easy to communicate with, flexible and very creative! Monroe embraced our needs, wants, concerns and changes while guiding us with his artistic knowledge and experience to create our own unique family memories.
We are very happy with all of our photographs!
The Aiello Family, Forestdale, MA
Monroe Payne is excellent to work with. Not only is Monroe a highly talented and professional photographer. His determination to leave me 110% satisfied was always evident, and he accomplishes this with grace and humor. His portrait of me is excellent, and the artwork he created for my marketing materials is outstanding, reflecting great ideas, planning, and technical wizardry. I cannot recommend Monroe highly enough.
Michael Cohen, Ithaca, NY
You will not find a more honest and caring photographer than Monroe Payne. These are the traits that I look for in a photographer. Passion trumps price every time.
If you’re looking for a photographer, choose Monroe!
Craig Hutchings, Elmira, NY
Working with Monroe was easy and enjoyable. He took the time to do traditional photographs, and then allow me to decide what I wanted to do for others. I felt comfortable working with him and was able to learn a few things too.
Hannah Shea, Lansing, NY
I've worked with Monroe many times and he is always professional and is very sensitive to what the client is looking for. I have hired him for weddings and portraits and highly recommend him.
Emily Richards, Newfield, NY
Monroe Payne did the photography for my wedding. He has a very special talent for getting the best pictures from a diverse groups of people. The pictures weren't just beautiful they captured the moments beautifully. I look back on the pictures when I'm having a hard day, they really are that good.
Monroe was also very fun to have at the wedding. I thought afterward I would have liked to have him there even if he wasn't taking pictures. He was also very professional and he made taking pictures a fun addition to the wedding.
So if you are looking for the highest quality photographs look no further. The quality of his pictures is at least as good as the professionals who work out of NYC and he's so much easier to work with. I would add more stars if I could...
Erica Sloma, Rochester, NY
"I had a great time working with Monroe. He was professional, fun, and created a fantastic portfolio of photos! I'm recommending Monroe's services to all my friends and family!"
Norbert McCloskey, Ithaca, NY
Monroe has done the weddings for two of my daughters and working with him was pleasure for everyone. From planning to execution to product delivery everything was handled in a professional and efficient way at a very reasonable cost. Two different daughters with two very different styles but Monroe and crew were able to capture the flavor of the events, work with the personalities involved and come out with incredible photos and memories. Highly recommended.
Dave Zimet, Ithaca, NY
To all: Have you ever met a photographer who not only cares about the people of whom he is photographing but of the complete surroundings? I have and his name is wonderful Monroe Payne. If you need proof go to edgeofthyme.com and you will discover his work. Please don't miss his beautiful virtual tour as well. 
His wife is wonderful as well but do you really think that he would choose an unwonderful one? His creativity, style and imagination is beyond anyone else’s that I have ever met. 
Eva Mae Musgrave of The Edge Of Thyme, a Bed and Breakfast. (voted Best Rural Bed and Breakfast in the WORLD)
Serendipitous is the only word I can use to describe my photo session with Monroe Payne of Monroe Payne Photography.
 I didn't have many photographs of my family, and no professional ones besides my wedding day. I am grateful that Monroe captured the last photos of my dad before his passing from pancreatic cancer. 
Our photo session is a moment that I will always remember. Everything was as it should have been, we were a family, we were together and present with one another. It was a beautiful day. Monroe went above and beyond by providing this photo enlarged for my dad's funeral. 
Thank you Monroe.
Kimberley Carman Furry, Mansfield, PA
Professional yet relaxed and allows you to be yourself enhancing your characteristics within the photographs!  My fiancé and I had fun during our session creating something special for years to come!  Cannot wait until I see the final products!  Was great working with the team there at the studio!  Highly recommend for all types of occasions, events, and mile stones in your life!
Give them a call and see what can be done to create just the moment you wish to capture forever!  ;-)
Dawn Senecal, 12/6/2012 
Monroe is a true professional.  He possesses a special talent as a wedding photographer. Being sensitive to the emotions of the event along with the necessary skills to capture what is seen and what is being felt. Notable among Monroe’s talents is his sensitive and artistic portraiture.  And then there is his talent for taking pictures of animals. He will create a beautiful photograph of your family pet.  He has the requisite equipment and facility for professional photography, but far more importantly, he knows how to use it.
Dave J.
The time spent during the shoot was truly relaxed and fun.  Our experience with Monroe was the best we have had with any photographer and we highly recommend him.  The whole experience was so enjoyable, and taking pictures with a 15 month old can often be very stressful, but stress was not part of our experience at all.  The photos from this session are our favorite family photos and we love displaying them in our home where they are a reminder of a cherished moment in time.
Melanie Soberon